George Washington Carver Exhibit

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(Above Right) Entryway into George Washington Carver Exhibit.

(Above Left) The main exhibit panel in the G.W. Carver exhibit.

pcjwcGeorge Washington Carver -- Minneapolis, Kansas

In 1864, George Carver was born near Diamond Grove, Missouri, present site of the George Washington Carver National Monument. While in his early teens, George Carver left Southwest Missouri, visiting Kansas towns of Ft. Scott, Olathe, Paola, Spring Hill, and Kansas City. At age 16, he moved to Minneapolis, Kansas - living there four years 1880-1884. From Minneapolis, where he finished high school, he traveled to Highland, Kansas. George Washington Carver then homesteaded in Ness County, near Beeler, Kansas, for two years. Mr. Carver later moved for a short time to Winterset, Iowa, attended Simpson College of Indianola one year and went to what is now Iowa State for five years. From 1896-1943, George Washington Carver was a college professor and scientist at Tuskegee Institute, in Alabama.